Providing Liquidity

The Canto LP interface at allows users to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens. At launch, Canto has five incentivized liquidity pools which can be found on this page:
The Canto LP interface does not allow users to swap tokens through the Canto DEX. To interact with the Canto DEX, use a third-party frontend or aggregator such as Slingshot.

Add Liquidity

In order to add liquidity to the Canto LP Interface:
  1. 1.
    Click on the pool you would like to add liquidity to. If necessary, enable the constituent tokens:
2. After completing the enable transaction, enter how much liquidity you wish to provide, and click the "add liquidity" button:
3. Next, verify the details of the deposit and confirm the transaction:

Remove Liquidity

In order to remove liquidity from the Canto LP Interface:
  1. 1.
    Select the pool that you wish to remove liquidity from. Then click the "remove" button:
2. Enable the Canto network to remove liquidity from that specific pool.
3. Enter the percent of liquidity you wish to remove, and click the remove liquidity button.
4. You will then see details about the transaction. Once you are certain you want to make this transaction, click "confirm":