Verifying Contracts

The contributor-operated block explorer at supports contract verification, allowing you to share your smart contracts' source code, methods, and ABIs with users and developers through the explorer itself.

Another 3rd-party operated block explorer at supports smart contract verification with a native UI for Sourcify.

Verifying with Sourcify

At present, the explorer only supports contract verification via Sourcify. To verify a contract, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the contract you would like to verify on the Canto block explorer.

  2. On the Code tab, click Verify & Publish.

  3. Select verification via Sourcify and click Next.

  4. Import or upload your project's source files and metadata.

    • For Hardhat, include the JSON file located at artifacts/build-info/

    • For Truffle, include the JSON file located at build/contracts/

  5. Click Verify & publish. The contract will become verified within several minutes.

You can also verify contracts through the Sourcify website. For more information on how to do so, as well as guidelines on how partial matches, libraries, and more are handled, see the documentation.

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