Creating Snapshot

Create folder for snapshots

mkdir -p $HOME/snapshots/canto

Clone github repo

git clone
cd cosmos-snapshots
git checkout patch/v1-canto

Create new snapshot



You can add script to the cron

# start every day at 00:00
0 0 * * * /bin/bash -c '/root/'

Consuming Snapshot

Snapshots also available on Polkachu

Use Snapshot

Backup $HOME/.canto/priv_validator_state.json (cannot be recovered after following steps)

sudo systemctl stop cantod
cantod unsafe-reset-all
cd $HOME/.cantod
wget -O <snapshot_file>.tar <host_url>
tar -xvf <snapshot_file>.tar 

Restart Node

sudo systemctl start cantod
# Watch logs
journalctl -u cantod -f

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