asdOFT is the standard contract for all asD tokens. It utilizes LayerZero's Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard to enable bridging across supported networks.


In order to deploy an asD token, simply deploy a new instance of asdOFT on Canto. In the constructor, specify:

  • _name – the name of your asD token

  • _symbol – the symbol of your asD token

  • _lzEndpoint – the contract address for the LayerZero endpoint on Canto, i.e. 0x1a44076050125825900e736c501f859c50fe728c

  • _cNote – the contract address for cNOTE i.e. 0xEe602429Ef7eCe0a13e4FfE8dBC16e101049504C

  • _csrRecipient – the address to register for Contract Secured Revenue e.g. your wallet



The mint(uint256 _amount) method allows users to permisionlessly mint an asD token by depositing NOTE, which is automatically supplied to the Canto Lending Market.

Before calling this method, a user must first approve the contract to spend their NOTE.


The burn(uint256 _amount) method allows holders of an asD token to burn the asD token, thereby withdrawing the underlying NOTE from the Canto Lending Market and returning it to the user.


The withdrawCarry(uint256 _amount) method allows the owner of an asD token to withdraw carry (accrued interest) earned on NOTE backing that has been supplied to the Canto Lending Market. It ensures that a 1:1 NOTE:asD exchange rate is maintained after withdrawal.

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