Lockers vote on gauges using the GaugeController contract. Gauges represent LP tokens on the Canto DEX and/or cNOTE deposits on third-party lending markets.

Voting takes place during one week epochs.


To vote for a gauge, call the vote_for_gauge_weights(address _gauge_addr, uint256 _user_weight) method. The _gauge_addr parameter is the address of a whitelisted gauge and _user_weight is the voting weight in bps (basis points).


await GaugeController.vote_for_gauge_weights(0x..., 10000) // 10,000 bps = 100%


cast send --ledger 0x... "vote_for_gauge_weights(address,uint256)" 0x... 10000

Removing/Changing Votes

To remove or change votes cast in the current epoch, call the vote_for_gauge_weights(address _gauge_addr, uint256 _user_weight) method specifying a new weight (e.g. 0 bps).

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