Common Errors and Solutions

Here are a list of common errors when launching a node and their recommended solutions:

Error DescriptionRecommended Solution(s)

Default gas fails when staking

Use --gas auto

Error: couldn't read GenesisDoc file: open /root/.cantod/config/genesis.json: no such file or directory

Put the genesis.json file in the specified location, such as:

sudo wget -P/root/.cantod/config/

Error during handshake: error on replay: validator set is nil in genesis and still empty after InitChain

Local: Remove datadir and restart Cloud: Start a new instance

Failed to execute message; message index: 0: failed to delegate; acanto is smaller than acanto: insufficient funds"

Decrease the amount to less than your total CANTO balance

Stopping peer for error

No action required

Tip: Rebuild from Scratch

If you run into unexpected issues when launching your node, it's worth rebuilding from scratch prior to any troubleshooting efforts. Follow these steps:

  1. Delete addressbook.json in the config

  2. Remove all old peers

  3. Update persistent peers and seeds to newly shared

  4. Fetch the new genesis file

  5. Ensure binary is up to date

  6. Start your node

Tip: Consult EVMOS Docs

If you get stuck with something that isn't explained here, a good place to look for more information about your issue is the EVMOS community and docs.

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