Liquidity Coordinator

Liquidity Coordinator, formerly Neofinance Coordinator, is a minimal protocol which incentivizes providing liquidity to Canto neofinance primitives.

Rewards are sourced from network governance in the form of CANTO and distributed according to a vote locking mechanism to the following liquidity providers:


Liquidity Coordinator consists of four smart contracts:

Allows users (typically protocols) to lock CANTO for a fixed 5-year period. In exchange for locking, users receive veCANTO which provides gauge voting rights.

Allows lockers to vote on gauges, which represent LP tokens on the Canto DEX and/or cNOTE deposits on third-party lending markets. Voting takes place during one week epochs.

Incentives are weighted by gauge types (as determined by governance) and subsequently allocated proportionally to votes.

Holds incentives received from Canto governance and continuously tracks balances of eligible LP tokens and cNOTE deposits, allowing liquidity providers to claim incentives proportionally to their balance at a given epoch.

Additionally, implements a view third-party lending markets can use to distribute secondary token rewards.

Wraps LP tokens 1:1 to ensure balances can be tracked by LendingLedger.

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