The Canto EVM runs Geth and is fully EVM-compatible. This means that building on Canto's execution layer is just like building on Ethereum in that developers can:
  • Connect with the same wallets,
  • Deploy the same smart contract source code,
  • Use the same tooling, and more.

Canto vs Ethereum

At launch, Canto's execution layer is EVM-equivalent. However, one practical difference that smart contract developers should bear in mind is Canto's faster block time.
Following the merge, Ethereum's block time is 12 seconds, whereas Canto EVM's block time is approximately 6 seconds.

Canto Testnet

Canto offers a testnet network for development and testing purposes. The testnet's chain ID is 740 and can be accessed with the following RPC:
A testnet explorer is available at
To get testnet $CANTO, use the faucet in the Canto Discord. The faucet disperses 5 tokens every 24 hours, per unique address/user.
To use the testnet faucet in the Canto Discord, start by locating the #canto-testnet-faucet channel. In this channel, begin typing /driptestnet into the chat bar. When you see the command appear above the chat bar, hit enter and paste in your wallet address. Finally, hit enter once more to send the command.