The Canto EVM runs Geth and is fully EVM-compatible. This means that building on Canto's execution layer is just like building on Ethereum in that developers can:

  • Connect with the same wallets,

  • Deploy the same smart contract source code,

  • Use the same tooling, and more.

Canto vs Ethereum

At launch, Canto's execution layer is EVM-equivalent. Its differences from Ethereum include a shorter block time and modified gas fee model.

Block time

Following the merge, Ethereum's block time is 12 seconds, whereas Canto EVM's block time is approximately 6 seconds.

Gas fees

Canto EVM uses a modified EIP-1559 gas model without priority fees. The minimum base fee is 1000 acanto (the equivalent of gwei) and self-adjusts based on how full blocks are.

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