To maximize uptime, validators should set up a backup node. To prevent double signing, dedicated Tendermint node signers such as tmkms or horcrux can be used.

If you’re new to running a validator, it's recommended to start out with tmkms to get your feet wet then ultimately make the jump to horcrux after you have a better understanding of cosmos infrastructure.

Monitoring Tools

A popular uptime monitoring tool for Tendermint chains like Canto is TenderDuty. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Install tenderduty per the official docs based on your preference (Docker or systemd).

  2. Edit config.yml based on your validator and preferences:

    • Name the chain "Canto"

    • Add chain ID (canto_7700-1 for mainnet)

    • Add your valoper address (using cantod keys show <keyname> -a --bech val)

    • Get relevant API keys (Discord, Telegram, PagerDuty) and set your alert config

  3. Finally, start the service per the docs.

An alternative monitoring tool is PANIC.

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